Progetti, Chop Cutting board in solid Beech, model 2345, Progetti C.R.

Solid wood, rectangular with bold lines, as per tradition, but with something more: a container to move and store what has just been cut. The cutting board is an accessory that is present in all...
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Solid wood, rectangular with bold lines, as per tradition, but with something more: a container to move and store what has just been cut. The cutting board is an accessory that is present in all kitchens, useful and always at hand. Chop, designed by the Research Center of Projects and made of solid beech, is inspired by the classic object but adding an important functionality: a container positioned to the side where food can be pushed as they are cut so as not to fill up. the work surface.


The product is VISIBLE and can also be purchased at our Showroom: Crespi 1977 - via Magenta 48, Busto Arsizio (VA).

The stainless steel tray can be easily removed and used to store food. It is also possible to buy more trays and therefore have the possibility to cut and store a greater number of foods. An object that, in its simplicity, combines design, tradition and utility.


Description: Chop Solid beech chopping board, equipped with a stainless steel tray on its side where you can comfortably store freshly cut fruit and vegetables. Cutting board designed by the Projects Research Center, with the aim of creating a typical kitchen object in a new variant, imbued with modernity and functionality;

Material: Solid beech wood and stainless steel;

Category: Indoor;

Color: Beech Wood;

Height: 7 cm;

Width: 55 cm;

Depth: 35 cm;

Finish: Natural;

Designer: Progetti C.R.

Projects: Beyond design - Projects is a dynamic and vital company based in Carate Brianza (MB) that has been thinking, studying and manufacturing furnishing accessories and objects for the home and office for over 30 years.

Design with attention to detail, high quality, formal and functional innovation are the basis of its products: wall clocks, contemporary cuckoos, coat hangers, tables, umbrella stands, all rigorously Made in Italy and designed by great internationally renowned architects and designers: Gaetano Pesce, Gian Franco Frattini, Joe Colombo, Giulio Iacchetti, Matteo Ragni, Maurizio Duranti, Asps Studio who also follows the art direction, are just some of the names who collaborate with Progetti. The company, one of the first in Italy to make this type of clocks and cuckoos that combine originality and functionality, in 2012 created new objects working with the eclectic Karim Rashid and the young multidisciplinary Studio Kuadra.
The search for the highest quality, from the choice of materials to processing, the contemporary and never predictable design, the semi-artisanal production techniques, combined with the long experience in the sector and respect for the environment, have led Progetti to achieve an international reputation allowing it to be present in many areas of the world.
Progetti's creations, made of wood, metal, plastics and other materials, without processing or technology constraints, thus leaving great freedom of action, are designed to satisfy the most demanding taste, attentive to exclusivity and details, but also the expectations of a wider and younger audience, sensitive to novelties, natural and ecological materials, simple and emotional design.
Progetti is, therefore, one of the main protagonists of Made in Italy, rewarded not only by commercial results but also by recognition from important bodies: the MoMA of New York and San Francisco have included in their catalog the Rnd_ Time, Fun_Time watches. , q01 and Target, various products were exhibited at the exhibition 'The Palazzo della Farnesina and its collections' held at the Ara Pacis in Rome and were included in the permanent collection Farnesina Design which often presents its objects in prestigious locations throughout the world. Capri, Double q and O'Coque are exhibited and included in the catalog of the Deutsches Uhrenmuseum, the Clock Museum founded in 1852 in the Black Forest in Germany.
The company dynamism is also manifested in activities related to communication, such as participation in Italian and international fairs (Macef, iSaloni, Ambiente, Maison & Objet).
Projects loves to innovate and innovate, to be a forge of ideas; loves to challenge each other to rethink simple, everyday objects with originality and joy, without losing their main function.

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