Serax, Paperbag Kiki 7x7xh7, size S, B6911045

PAPERBAG KIKI, size S, size 7x7xH7. Created by the designer Kiki van Eijk and made of porcelain. Ideal for decorating your living room, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area .. with a great touch of class...
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PAPERBAG KIKI, size S, size 7x7xH7. Created by the designer Kiki van Eijk and made of porcelain. Ideal for decorating your living room, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area .. with a great touch of class and elegance.


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Kiki van Eijk- Kiki lives on a quiet farm in Eindhoven and works in a warehouse where she does great things. See the small delicate details of nature with joy, and use colors with uncommon intuition. His beliefs? Imagination is more important than knowledge! He is never in a hurry.

Kiki grew up in Tegelen, a small town in the Netherlands. He spent his youth immersed in nature, daydreaming and drawing. It is now one of the most established names in Dutch design. He studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven where he met his future partner, Joost van Bleiswijk. Kiki's world is whimsical and colorful, lyrical and personal, yet refined by skilled craftsmanship. His wide range of works includes carpets, lighting, furniture, ceramics, glass and textiles. Inspired by the smallest details of everyday life and the shapes of nature, Kiki continues to surprise and delight producers and consumers. His work has been featured in museums, galleries and fairs around the world, including Basel, London, Paris, Milan, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Moscow and Holon. His collaborations include brands such as Hermès, Saint-Louis, 1882 Ltd, MOOOI, Häagen-Dazs, Serax, Bernhardt Design and Nodus. In recent years he has collaborated with companies and institutions such as Studio Edelkoort Paris, Design Academy Eindhoven, Venice Projects, Audax Textile Museum, Zuiderzee Museum, Noord Brabants Museum, Rijksmuseum and private collectors.


Designer: Kiki van Eijk;

White color;

Material: porcelain;

Height: 7 cm;

Depth: 7 cm;

Width: 7.5 cm.

Serax. Our history -  Serax makes your home more beautiful, adds personality to your interior and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. We only work with passionate designers around the world. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, our products are made exclusively by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. Our collections are unique in shape, material and style. For me Serax is a daily search for beauty, for good things that add value to life and create a home that brings happiness. To experiment, share and discover. Welcome to our world, welcome to Serax.

We honor our family roots: Serax is the brainchild of SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche. Two brothers who grew up in the flower pot business in their mother's business. Over the past thirty years, the small business started in a garage in 1986 has grown into a multinational with over 65 employees and a headquarters in Antwerp. Today the company is led by Axel. Axel's wife, Marie Michielssen, is the designer of the Serax house. She is the creator, among other things, of the famous "Cactus Vase". Serax is a family business where passion runs in the veins.

A deep love for paper and prints: A deep love for paper and prints, and the reuse of materials, inspired the designer of the house of Serax, Marie Michielssen, to create a series of characteristic lamps and vases in papier-mâché. The leitmotif of this collection is Nature, the earth in its most rudimentary form. Opponent of all modern machine techniques, Marie manually shapes every single piece from recycled paper, elevating the release from the shackles of perfection into a new art form.

Just like Nature does in her creations: Tall and narrow, or small and round, with large or small handles - one of which may be a little lower than the other - no mug in Marie Michielssen's papier-mache collection is quite the same. The clearly visible rough texture of the material, the "primordial" colors of maroon, black and light gray, and the hand-dotted prints, reinforce the individuality of each vase with all its imperfections, just like Nature does in her creations.

Floor lamps: For the papier-mâché lamps, Marie creates an innovative visual print by playing with volumes. The light finds its way out through a frame with a well thought-out linear structure. The unique and traditional character is not only reflected in the prints, but also in the shapes and colors. In the light and natural color of papier-mâché, or in the warm and relaxing tones of the earth, suspended or standing, the papier-mâché lamps by Marie Michielssen for Serax enrich the light and atmosphere of any interior.

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